Wells Family:

Hunter Cirellis Wells - Father, whereabouts unknown, see Sylas Welbourne.

Martha Rosen Wells - Mother, deceased.

Richard Merth Wells - Elder brother, missing.

John Castora Wells - Main character, 22

Oliver Lavan Wells - Younger brother, 17

Hall Family:

Eric Henry Hall - Father, 47

Laura Watson Hall - Mother, 44

Kaitlin Marie Hall - 21

Howell Ancestry:

Wilveth Starth - Apprentice to Elder Sage Jaqo Estrellis

Jon Howell

Jon Howell II

Jon Howell III

Hillem Howell

Melvin Howell

Alexander Howell

Alexander Howell II

Walden Howell

Jon Howell

Markus Howell - Father, 47

Alexa Parker - Daughter to Howell Ancestry, keeper of the Estrellian Star Relic


Telonis Durska - Father, Vice Magus to the Third Covenant, 41

Margonia Durska - Mother, deceased

Illum Durska - Son, 11

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